Sunday, March 20, 2016


DISBYT is a database of research of people who belong to the DIS society.

You can research for free using "guest" (no quotes) for both the user name and the password. You can see individuals but you can't see the contact information of the researchers.

If you join (about $22 a year), you can see individuals and you can see the contact information of individuals.

If you join and also submit a GEDCOM file of a certain size, you can see family groupings and the contact information of subscribers. Your information will be in the database and others can see it and they can see your contact information.

The subscribers are probably related in some degree. It is important to contact them to share information. They most likely have more information that what is shown in the online database.

This article is old and the percentage of Swedish ancestors included in the database has grown greatly.


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  2. Judy, the gedcom file we would submit needs to be just our Swedish lineage, or our whole tree? I doubt I have 1,000 in my Swedish line.

    Thanks for your blogs. They are great!!!

    1. If you have enough information on your Swedes, before and after they emigrated, then realize that Swedes are anxious to know what happened to their relatives after they left Sweden.

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