Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SVAR has images of records too.

I used SVAR for quite a while before I found that it had scanned parish records. I've found that quite a few people are unaware of these scanned records. I think that SVAR is an excellent site, but unfortunately it is rather confusing to use. I'll try to explain how to use that site. (subscription)

To view their records, you need to download their reader using the link on the following page.

1. Sign into SVAR.
2. Click on "English" at the top of the page.
3. Click on "Search Records".
4. Find the "Archive Search" box.
5. Select the county from the drop-down box.
6.  Select the "Archive Type". There is a drop-down box with the choices "General Part", "Fire Insurance", "Court Records", "Church Records", and "Military Records".
7. Select "Type of Material". (Select "Scanned Images".)
8. Type in "Archive Name". (In the case of "Church Records, type in the parish name. Be sure to spell the parish the way the Swedes do or you won't get any hits.)
9. Click on Search.

There are many scanned church records if that is what you have selected. Not all possible records have been scanned. Look for the blue arrow point to chose records which are currently available.


I am using this site to look at records for Brålanda parish. I chose "Älvsborg" from the drop-down county menu. I chose "Church Records", "Scanned Images", and typed in "Brålanda" (without the quotes). Then I clicked on "Search". Then I clicked on the "Reference Code" on the next page.

There are a number of records listed, but the only ones which are scanned so far have a blue arrow point. I clicked on  "Husförhörslängder" (Household Examination Records). I looked at the listings which had "Image" at the end. Choose the one you want and click on "Image".

You can move forwards or backwards one page at a time by clicking on the forward or backward arrow points.

You can move forwards or backwards five pages at a time by clicking on the +5 or -5 numbers.

You can move to the beginning or end of the book by clicking on the double arrow points.

There is also a drop down menu which you can choose to select the number of the image.

You can adjust the size of the image by hitting the + or - signs, or by using the drop down menu in the middle to choose the size of the image. That only lasts for one page, so if you don't want to continually adjust the size, you can use the link at the bottom right of the page called "Adjustments".  Use the "Zoom Scale" to select the size of the image and then "Save".

If you find the image you want, click on "Source". Then copy/paste the highlighted source into your document.

If you find an image you want, then right click on the image. Move to "Selection" and then to "Select Region". You will see a + sign which can be dragged around the part you want to copy. Move to the top left edge of the image and drag that plus sign around the outside of the image.

Once you have highlighted the image, right click again, move to "Selection" and then to "Copy".

Paste into a image program. I used Irfanview, which can be downloaded for free. (I discovered Irfanview at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

You can then save the image using Irfanview.

I'll continue another time with using other parts of SVAR.


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