Saturday, September 17, 2011


I am an American with Swedish roots. Three of my grandparents were born in Sweden and  one was born in Denmark.I am starting this blog to share some of the information I've learned about how to research in Swedish parish records. I owe a lot to the wonderful people who willingly do lookups, share tips and favorite sites, etc., and I have discovered some things on my own which I think will be useful to others.

My farfar (father's father):

Johannes Olson (John Olson) was born 26 February 1872 in Grunsbo, Frändefors parish, Älvsborg län, Sweden.

 My farmor (father's mother):

Signe Cecilia Elisabeth Ekman (Eckman) was born 22 November 1877 in Hedvig Eleonora parish in the city of Stockholm, Sweden.

My morfar (mother's father):

Christian Erik Bergstrøm (Bergstrom) was born 29 February 1860 in Maribo købstad, Musse herred, Maribo amt, Denmark.

My mormor (mother's mother):

Sara Maja (Sarah Marie) Andersdotter was born 12 May 1862 in Tjärtakan, Frändefors parish, Älvsborg län, Sweden.

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