Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What is a torpare?

Many of us find the title/occupation "torpare" for our ancestors when using Swedish records. The usual translation into English is "crofter". The problem is that crofter is British English and Americans still aren't sure what their ancestor did.

There is a very helpful article in "Swedish American Genealogist", the journal of the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center. Luckily for us, this journal and an article called "Torp and Torpare -- An Analysis" written by the late Nils William Olsson is scanned and online. This is a link to that journal. The article starts on page 10 of the scan, using the page numbers at the right.

Swedish American Genealogist journal Volume 30, number 2

Revision in way Arkiv Digital Lets Us Post Source Citations

The old way to make source citations on Arkiv Digital has changed, This is how it is done now.

Go to copy at the top of the image. Select "Copy Source Identifier" to get the source citation using the AID number so helpers can go immediately to the same image in one step.

Frändefors (P) AI:29 1886-1890 Image 415 / Page 398 (AID: v3968.b415.s398, NAD: SE/GLA/13133)


I recently discovered that the word "Copy" is gone and we need to go to the icon which looks like papers (between the printer icon and the wrench icon) and then click on the drop down menu.

Some prefer "Pure Source Identifier" which does not include the AID number when putting the citation into their records.

Frändefors (P) AI:29 1886-1890 Image 415 / Page 398