Sunday, March 24, 2013

Arkiv Digital app for Ipad

Arkiv Digital is one of the services with scanned Swedish parish records online for those who are subscribed to it. (subscription)

Sometimes we would like to check those records but we are "out and about" and only have access to an Ipad. Before now, we couldn't download Arkiv Digital onto our Ipad, but now we can.

If you own an Ipad, go to the App Store and enter Arkiv Digital into the search. You will find the app, which is free. (Of course, you need to be subscribed to Arkiv Digital to see records.)

The search is not quite as good, of course, as the version on a full computer, but it allows us to go forwards and backwards five pages at a time. It was a big surprise and quite a pleasure to see a mention of this new app on Facebook today.


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