Monday, December 3, 2012

"Swedish Genealogical Dictionary" has become very hard to find.

Many of us have purchased a dictionary called "Swedish Genealogical Dictionary" compiled by Phyllis J. Pladsen, Joseph C. Huber, and Eric B. Pladsen. I have the fourth edition which was published in 2000 by Pladsen Sveria Press.

It contains more than 5,700 Swedish words and abbreviations.

I find its short definitions very helpful. There are websites and dictionaries with more detailed definitions but it helps greatly to quickly find a definition for a word in an old record.

I'll post more about more detailed dictionaries later. (I have already posted a couple of websites with Swedish genealogy words.)

It may be hard to find. It  is now out of print.  Phyllis Pladsen is deceased. Her son was selling it online until recently. (That site has been taken down.) Try a used book store or site.

I found ONE copy on the site. (More may show up from time to time. Keep checking that site. It is an earlier edition (1991) so it won't be as large as the one I own.

1991 copy of "Swedish Genealogical Dictionary" currently on sale

Maybe you can find this dictionary at a public library. may have some copies for sale, but their site says that availability is limited. Most are unpriced. One is extremely overpriced at $97.63 for a used copy of the 1991 edition.

If it is at all possible to find this dictionary, I recommend that you purchase a copy. Mine is basically worn out since I've used it so often. Good luck!


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