Monday, November 26, 2012

Swedish Genealogy Week next June in Sweden

There is an event in Sweden which may interest you, especially if you have roots in Dalsland province.

 I don't remember seeing much about this. I discovered it by accident, so maybe they need a little publicity. ;-)

I asked about this when I heard about it and somehow got on their mailing list. They sent the following email yesterday. I may or may not attend. I haven't decided yet.

Information about the Genealogy Week

Final confirmation for participation should be made by March 31st.
I will send an e-mail to everyone on the registration list during March and ask for confirmation.
To go through with the arrangement we need a minimum of 18 participants.

A deposit of 2000 SEK should be paid by April 30th and we will provide you with payment details.

A final payment should be made by May 31st.

So far we have 14 participants on the registration list.

For further details you can go to or send me an e-mail.

Kind regards
Contact information is on the first website above.

Note that all meals and all lodging is included for that week, according to their site. Of course you need to get there on your dime.

I used the following currency converter to convert the price.

As of yesterday (because currency values change over time, depending upon the value of the dollar compared to the Swedish kronor), the price **PER PERSON** in a double room would be $1,350.60. The single supplement of 250 kronor is **PER NIGHT**. 250 kronor converts to $37.74. Multiplied by 7 nights, the single supplement is $264.18. That means the single price would be $1,350.60 + $264.18 = $1,614.78.

The deposit of 2000 Swedish kronor (SEK) converts to $301.82.

This is the place where we will stay.


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