Friday, December 30, 2011

Swedish Records After 1900

I've been told by someone formerly connected with Genline that has been steadily uploading scans from Genline. I forget how often this was done, but I think it might be once a month or so.

At any rate, Genline has SCB births, marriages, and deaths scanned until at least 1938 and I think they are done up to 1940 in some parishes. Those scans will eventually get onto

The SVAR service has those records until 1940 (soon to be 1941) on that fee-based service. (subscription)

This tells how to find them.

I also see records well into the 1900s on the fee-based Arkiv Digital site. (subscription)

There are cds for the 1970, 1980, and 1990 Swedish Censuses. (yes, the late 1900s!) If you have DETAILED information about descendants, ask on a message board such as Genforum or Rootsweb, and someone with those cds will do a lookup. (You will need to provide your email because information on living people should not be placed online.)

If you get a lookup on the dvd "Swedish Death Index 1901-2009", then you can use that information to ask for a bouppteckning (estate inventory). That should provide the names of the children still alive at the time of the death of that person.

Use this page to order a bouppteckning.

This is a translation of that ordering page.

Once you have information on those people from the bouppteckning or the later census cds, you can use a site such as these to get contact information.

The first FAQ on this page provides some other ideas on how to try to find living relatives in Sweden.

If you are planning a trip to Sweden and want to find living relatives, please do not wait until a week or two before your trip to get started searching for relatives. The search is time-consuming and then you have to contact the relatives and arrange (if they are interested) in meeting.



  1. Judy,

    Bless you. What a treasure trove of information you are! I am so grateful for your wealth of knowledge and expertise on Swedish research and for your willingness to share it with others. This material will be added to a notebook I am compiling of your posts I have come across on other message boards and mailing lists. Tack så mycket!


  2. Tack så mycket (Thank you), Lorraine, for your very kind comment.